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Project Description

This project is an attempt to create a playlist-centric, tab-based media player designed to overcome some of the challenges a "Now Playing" list creates while still providing, and expanding upon, the functionality provided by "Now Playing".

The in_lay (INtuitive pLAYlist) player is designed to be a minimalistic, small (on both visible size and memory), fast, and simple media player written in C# with a SQLite back-end.


In order to develop in_lay three other projects have been started.
  • netAudio: A .NET audio playback library. (Currently using libVLC as a back-end but abstracted so that any playback library can be swapped in or out easily; also using a modified version of TagLib Sharp for audio tag reading/editing.)
  • netDiscographer: A .NET media library system with extremely fast search and sorting. (Currently using SQLite as the database.)
  • netGooey: A .NET/WPF skinnable interface system.

Currently, all these projects live inside in_lay. Once completed, they may be split up.

Developer Milestones

Italics: Complete

Bold: In Progress

Nothing: Not Yet Started

Milestone 1

  • Library
    • Ability to add media
    • Ability to search
  • Playback
    • Ability to play songs
    • Volume control
    • Seek
  • Ability to save/load/search playlists

Milestone 2

  • GUI/Skin Support
  • Initial Release/SVN Upload

Milestone 3

  • Tabbed interface
  • "Intuitive Playlist" Functionality

Milestone 4

  • Decreased memory footprint
  • Add-on support

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